L'ORÉAL PARIS MEN EXPERT Duschgel »Invincible«
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L'ORÉAL PARIS MEN EXPERT Duschgel »Invincible«

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Artikel-Nr. 5663875187
  • Speziell für den Mann
  • Verführerischer Duft
  • Mit hochkonzentriertem Parfüm
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Du willst einen verführerischen und anziehenden Duft? Entedecke das Invincible Power Duschgel mit hochkonzentriertem Parfüm für einen langanhaltenen Duft. Intensiv holzig-frischer Duft.
Menge in Millilitern300 ml
Hauttypennormale Haut
InhaltsstoffeINGREDIENTS:744752 09 - INGREDIENTS: AQUA / WATER • SODIUM LAURETH SULFATE • GLYCERIN • SODIUM CHLORIDE • COCO-BETAINE • PARFUM / FRAGRANCE • CI 19140 / YELLOW 5 • CI 14700 / RED 4 • CI 42090 / BLUE 1 • SODIUM BENZOATE • SODIUM ACETATE • SODIUM HYDROXIDE • PPG-5-CETETH-20 • POLYQUATERNIUM-10 • SALICYLIC ACID • LIMONENE • LINALOOL • PENTYLENE GLYCOL • MENTHA PIPERITA EXTRACT / PEPPERMINT EXTRACT • ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL • CITRONELLOL • CITRIC ACID • COUMARIN • HEXYL CINNAMAL (F.I.L. C184652/1).. DISCLAIMER:L’Oréal stellt Ihnen die nachstehenden Inhaltsstofflisten auf Ihren Wunsch zur Verfügung, ohne hierzu rechtlich verpflichtet zu sein. Sie gelten stets nur für das jeweils bezeichnete Produkt mit der dazu angegebenen Produkt-Referenznummer. Auf einem Produkt findet sich diese jeweils am Ende der Inhaltsstoffliste. Bei Produkten, die sich aus verschiedenen Bestandteilen zusammensetzen (z.B. Colorationen), wird nachfolgend eine Inhaltsstoffliste für jeden Bestandteil angegeben.


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von Jlmas S. aus Harsewinkel 13.08.2019 Bewerteter Artikel: Farbe: silberfarben , Ausführung: 300 ml Findest du diese Bewertung hilfreich? Bewertung melden
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von einem Kunden aus Harsewinkel 13.08.2019 Bewerteter Artikel: Farbe: silberfarben , Ausführung: 300 ml Findest du diese Bewertung hilfreich? Bewertung melden
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cool shampoo smells good and is good quality

One of the functions of language in human life as a member of the society is to exchange
experience. This is systemically termed as speech functions (Halliday: 2004). Language is a
device in communication both in written or spoken forms. When someone says something,
sentence is used in the communication. The sentence itself consists of the meaning and
In communication process, there is a transfer of information from the writer (speaker) to the
reader (listener). According to Hornby, communication itself is the activity or process of
expressing ideas or feelings or of giving information (2000:25). This information is described
by applying the grammatical features such as speech functions.
Giving information means transferring knowledge, fact or news by the speakers as the doers
to the listeners as the receivers. When they are interacting, the speakers want to express
themselves clearly, effectively retrieve a clear and informative message. All those which are
mentioned before is the essence of communication.
Halliday (1985) has sought to create an approach to linguistics that treats language as
foundational for the building of human experience. The work of Halliday is concerned with
the meaning. A language can not be disassociated from the meaning. His insights and
publications from an approach called Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL). SFL is an
approach to linguistics developed by Halliday which sees language in social context. This
approach is based on the theory of grammar which considers language as a resources used for
communication and not a set rules.
In the theory of speech function, Saragih (2000:9) defines the interpersonal meaning is to
realized at two level namely at the level of semantics (discourse) and lexicogrammar which is
termed mood. At the level of semantics human beings perform two roles namely the acts of
giving and asking or demanding in interactions. The commodity involved in the act of giving
and demanding classified into two, they are information and goods and or services. These
bring us to the four speech functions, statement, question, offer, and command.
Hornby (2000:17) defines advertisement as notice, pictures or firm telling people about the
products, jobs or services. Advertisement is the product of advertising which one party used
to tell public about products or services in order to encourage people to buy or to use the
product being advertised. Advertisement which functions to tell the public about products or
services called by commercial advertisement. Basically, the function of commercial
advertisement is to give information of the products or services being advertised. The
information conveyed can be viewed through the whole copy which is constructed by slogan.
slogan is a brief message crystallizing an important idea about the product or the reason why
someone should buy the product. Slogan is mostly used in television advertisement rather
than in print media, because in television advertisement the copy of advertisement is
dominated by illustrations. The viewers may be only interested of the demonstrations
performed by the actors or the actresses or things in the demonstrations. This is the reason
why, they sometimes do not pay much attention on what information actually delivered in the
International Journal of Linguistics
ISSN 1948-5425
2017, Vol. 9, No. 3
38 www.macrothink.org/ijl
whole copy. To avoid this, the copywriters the create slogan in order to make the viewers
remember the brand of the products along with the information delivered in the products
From linguistics point of view, advertisement seems, in effect to constitute a genre with
distinct features which function is not only to inform but also persuade and influence by
using the linguistics system as a toolkit in a creative manner. The previous statement suggests
that advertisement has its own typical linguistics pattern. It is due to the fact that one of the
elements of the advertisement;

von Baptiste R. aus Frankfurt 31.03.2019 Bewerteter Artikel: Ausführung: 300ml Findest du diese Bewertung hilfreich? Bewertung melden
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