What is dynamic attritution? 

– fair payment for every Publisher

In the affiliate world, compensation is commonly still based on the Last Cookie Wins Principle which attributes the entire commission only to the affiliate who claims the final click prior to the user making a purchase. All other affiliates, who participated in the customer journey, get nothing even if they originally inspired the user to buy the respective product. 

To ensure commissions are distributed more fairly, we use a dynamic attribution model which, based on statistics analyses, assigns an individual impact to each customer touchpoint that results in an order being placed. This means that our affiliates will get a commission even if the last click can’t be attributed to them. 

Last Cookie Wins Attribution 

The last click in the customer journey gets 100% credit for the shopping cart. 

Dynamic attribution 

All clicks that are part of the Customer Journey and, according to the model used, have had a proven impact on the conversion, get a share of the shopping cart value. The respective model will calculate the share on the basis of various relevant factors. 

Selection of influencing factors taken into account: 

  • Position of touchpoints 
  • Journey duration 
  • Number of touchpoints 
  • Touchpoint order 
  • Interaction effects 
  • Time elapsed until order was placed 
  • Type of touchpoints 
  • Bounce information 
  • Time interval since the previous touchpoint

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