What types of advertising are there? 

– something suitable for any website or target group


Text- or Deeplinks are easy to integrate into your website. Relevant content can be added conveniently. If you wish to promote certain products or activities, you can simply use the Deeplink Generator to create your own links and thus always refer your users to the desired OTTO Online Shop web page. 


Use the OTTO Logo to place a strong brand on your website. The variety of formats offered makes sure it fits anywhere and everywhere. The logo takes you straight to the otto.de start page, opening up attractive sales opportunities for you. 


To ensure optimum flexibility regarding website integration, our banners come in all sizes commonly used. Your visitors will continuously engage with products and topics that reflect their interests and match your website content. This will increase your conversion rate and decrease the effort you will have to put into keeping your website ads up-to-date. 

Product feed

No matter what your website is all about, our product feed offers any number of suitable items for you. With more than seven million products listed, you can select and conveniently use the product assortments or items offered at our online shop as flexibly as you wish.