This section contains our rules and guidelines which have been divided into either Partner Segment rules or general rules. This section serves as an overview complementing our binding participation terms. 

Advertising conditions

Direct publicizing of OTTO as well as indirect advertising through third parties is prohibited if such activities constitute a violation of our corporate values and guidelines. These rules apply to all segments: 

  • Your website is free of pornography, depiction of violence (sexual violence, killing of humans or animals), discriminating visualizations of people, insults, extremist radical political views content not suitable for adolescents, belittlement or glorification of drugs and weapons and inappropriate language (sexual or vulgar language, blasphemy, etc.) and does not link to other websites with such content. 
  • You shall operate your website in accordance with §5 of the German Teleservices Act [TDG] and list site ownership details 
  • The OTTO Logo is up-to-date 
  • OTTO links are up-to-date 
  • Advertising of coupons is generally prohibited, unless they have been released for advertising in the action tool 
  • URL’s / websites added after the partnership has been confirmed must be made known to OTTO in writing and be approved prior to OTTO advertising being integrated. 

Description of OTTO

Should you require a description of OTTO for your website or URL, please use the following: With more than 5 million articles from over 7,000 brands, OTTO is one of the leading German online shopping platforms which, as part of its transformation, is currently opening to even more brands and partners. OTTO belongs to the Hamburg-based, internationally operating Otto Group and provides jobs for 4,900 people throughout Germany. In the financial year 2019/20, OTTO achieved a turnover of 3.5 billion Euros.“ 

Product data-based partnerships

With regard to product data-based partnerships and in addition to the rules listed in the general section, please also take into account the following: 

  • We recommend that you update product data at least once a day to ensure that price, delivery and stock changes are recorded as best as possible. We will provide updated data twice a day at around 3:30 am and 3:30 pm through our networks. 
  • If product tests and / or comparisons are made, the user must be informed transparently about the product evaluation criteria / methods applied. 


Cashback Partners

In addition to reading this section, we advise our cashback Partners to make themselves familiar with our Conditions of Participation and, should there be further questions, to get in touch with us through our Contact form or by using the contact details they know. 


  • Orders with an order value below 30.00€ (net) merchandise value minus shipping costs 
  • Orders not placed through [Name of cashback portal 
  • Orders that are returned or cancelled 
  • Orders processed or cancelled on the phone by an OTTO customer service consultant 
  • Orders of OTTO Marketplace items sold by other retailes on the OTTO Platform. They can be identified on the OTTO website because they are listed as: „sold by Partner name“ 
  • Orders containing books that fall under Fixed Book Price Law  
  • orders made by customers entitled to a commission who, either regularly or automatically, are granted a monetary advantage by OTTO. 
  • orders made through collective ordering or by friends /  neighbours / recommended customers placing a joint order 
  • Orders by Otto Group staff members and retired Group employees 
  • Orders of gift or product vouchers 
  • Commercial orders 


  • „Cashback“ [adapt term according to payment currency: Miles, Points, Coins, etc.]  can only be collected if the user has set up an account with the Cashback partner, has logged into the cashback portal and gone to the OTTO website from there 
  • After being forwarded from the [Name of cashback portal] website and clicking on the OTTO shop, the purchase must be completed directly, otherwise no cashback money is paid 
  • If the [Name of Cashback portal] App is used first and the OTTO App is used subsequently, no points will be awarded, unless App2App Tracking is active. 
  • Standard browser settings: To collect cashback, ad blockers must be disabled. Cookies must be accepted. Anonymous browsing settings in the browser must be disabled. 
  • If items are returned, the cashback amount is adjusted to the final purchasing price 
  • It can take up to 120 days for points to be confirmed in the user’s account 
  • Subsequent processing of entries or of cancellations is not possible 
  • For orders that after a 3-month-period have not been delivered yet, OTTO reserves the right to cancel cashback  
  • It is not possible to combine multiple cashback offers from different cashback portals 

Influencer Network

We want Influencer Networks to note and be aware of the fact that registered Influencers are not permitted to violate our rules and are obliged to ensure that this is not the case. 

The following actions are in breach of our guidelines: 

  • Polarised expression of political opinions, participation in an extremist, political sector and any form of discrimination (as well as statements) against) political minorities (e.g. based on gender, religion, origin, sexual orientation, age, etc.) are not permitted 
  • Scandalous, negative or controversial media coverage including appearance in the media in the last 60 days is not desirable  
  • No presentation of children in a way that infringes on their personality rights (including the showing of unclothed children) is permitted 
  • Applications should be primarily for the German market, preferably in German. Anglicisms are allowed. 
  • No objectifying, sexualising or pornographic content may be presented 
  • No form of glorification of war or violence and neither the presentation of illegal items (weapons, drugs, etc.) nor the depiction of violation of human rights is permitted