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This app projects 1,400 pieces of furniture into your living room

This app projects 1,400 pieces of furniture into your living room

2/6/2019 Editor Anne Remy Reading time: 2 Minutes
A brave new world of furnishings: yourhome, OTTO’s special shop for all things furniture-related, has launched a new app that will drive forward the revolution in the furniture sector. The app focusses on furniture, digital set ups and augmented reality (AR). Dr Nicolai Johannsen, who bears joint responsibility for yourhome, explains what exactly is behind it.

Nicolai, what makes the new app so special?

It makes it possible to have a shopping experience based on augmented reality! With the new yourhome app, users can test out how a furnishing will look within their own four walls before making the purchase. It works by projecting the true-to-scale virtual objects into the room via a smartphone or tablet camera in real time.

The possibility of purchasing the furnishings directly through the app or sharing them with friends in advance is completely new. The previous app was purely an AR application, with no option to order the products within the app itself. It was previously also only possible to view a very limited selection of 3D models in real surroundings. The newly developed app, on the other hand, offers significantly more: a shopping experience inspired by technology with the full range of products offered by the yourhome online shop, all the services and advice features as well as a considerably larger selection of 3D models than before - around 1,400 in all.

What challenges arose during the development of the app?

The production of the 3D data was more laborious than we had originally assumed. As a result we will develop the app further in the future as well - users can look forward to being able to view more furnishings in perspective with the help of augmented reality. We are also considering making the special features of furnishings visible in the virtual realm too, by depicting, for example, how a sofa bed unfolds or how the colour of a furnishing can be changed.

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