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OTTO is an e-commerce pioneer. Earlier than others, OTTO recognised the potential and opportunities opened up by an industry that has now been growing rapidly for many years. As a technology-driven company we have developed and designed our own business architecture and functionalities from the very beginning. Thanks to our strong market position and our highly qualified employees, at OTTO we shape a piece of the digital future – every day.

Successfully keeping our place at the front of the pack in the exponential growth of digitisation and technological advance is part of the way we see ourselves. With the sense of responsibility of a family-run company that promotes and encourages social commitment and sustainability, we always put our employees and customers at the very heart of what we do, and this in turn enables us to continue on our successful journey into the future of technology.

4500 employees have played their part in putting a shared vision for OTTO into words. These words now drive us onward – as a company and as each individual employee.

Our Vision and Philosophy


We respond to our customers' needs and align ourselves behind their wishes to help make us better and better. We believe in the meaning and power of the human values that we live and breathe, especially in the business of e-commerce. People interact with people here – even in our increasingly technological world, we stand for trust, sincerity and personal closeness.

We are looking for people with curiosity and courage, people who are not satisfied with the status quo and have their own ideas. People who look for the bigger picture, who consider innovative alternatives and bring fresh ideas to the table – people who want to help build the future of e-commerce as part of a great team of colleagues in an enthusiastic atmosphere!

This is what makes us – and makes OTTO – the most personal e-commerce provider.



Technology is our foundation and our future

We love innovative technology. It brings us really close to our customers – no matter how far away they might be. Technology helps us recognise and understand their wishes, and fulfil them to the best of our ability. It helps us set new market trends with relevant offers and services.

Technology also enables us to create outstanding product worlds for our customers to experience – and they always have the option here to enter into genuine dialogue with us and receive personal advice.

Our solutions reflect our attitude – friendly, intuitive and forward-looking!


The four pillars of diversity

OTTO is a signatory to the DIVERSITY CHARTER. By taking this step, we have stated in public what has always been an unspoken rule for us – an unconditional ‘yes’ to an open and transparent working environment, free of any prejudice.

The DIVERSITY CHARTER rests on four pillars:

1. Cooperation across different generations
2. Equal opportunities for men and women
3. No discrimination against people with any physical or mental handicap
4. No discrimination between people with different nationalities, ethnic backgrounds and religions.

Equally well anchored at OTTO is our commitment to making working life compatible with the various phases in life and the interests of the individual.

Everyone benefits when fathers are able to take parental leave more frequently, when job sharing is part of the company diversity, and when the option of sabbatical leave is taken for granted. This generates greater satisfaction, enables clear perspectives on the future, boosts health, collegial support and respect – and an even more productive working environment.


Our understanding of leadership

At OTTO we have developed a new understanding of leadership and cooperation to enable our company to cope with the complexity and changeability of the digitalised working environment.

We work to strengthen our people’s loyalty towards the company by encouraging responsible corporate thinking and action among all our employees. Our managers need to act as role models by adopting the OTTO understanding of leadership and setting an example through this. We encourage our managers and staff to implement new forms of cooperation, so they can achieve new insights on many levels – always with due regard for our values and the highest degree of mutual respect.


Passionate about what we do

This makes us stand out – and we can be passionate because we are innovative and we love change. In every department there are colleagues with such individual skills and experience that there is no longer any official job description that does them justice. But the cooperation works, and works brilliantly!

In cross-disciplinary teams which work cross-divisionally and even across our Group around the world to develop innovations, each one of us knows what they get from each other, and how it all fits together – because innovative results are what drive us forward. Our success is powered by the personal commitment of each of us. That's how we are! As the team that gives digital retail a face and a voice, we have a name: OTTO.

To find out more about the OTTO teams click to discover our richly diverse range of tasks.

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