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Working at OTTO has some unique advantages – and this starts with the city of Hamburg. This Hanseatic city straddles the Elbe and Alster rivers, has its very own special flair and is known as the ‘Pearl of the North’ and gateway to the world.
Right in the middle of this outstanding environment, OTTO employees can look forward to many additional company benefits, as well as superb employment conditions and an attractive salary – from the first day right through to retirement.


Your advantages

The OTTO Campus is a special feature whose advantages all employees can enjoy. This includes a parcel service, dry cleaning, several canteens and restaurants with a great selection of food, a food truck in the summer, the company's own car pool, a greengrocer’s stand, the OTTO Christmas Market and the Loft06 events area stretching over 700 m2 – a free space for inspiration, innovation and interaction, as well as an ideal environment for team building, workshops and much more.

The OTTO Fitness Lounge is also something special, with its fitness and special training offers, that include physiotherapy, health courses and ergonomic advice – a great place for burning off energy, relaxing and keeping fit!

But also when it comes to ‘conventional’ benefits, our employees win across the board. OTTO complements the state pension plan, for example, with a company pension. Employees can convert benefits into pension contributions, also with a healthy top-up from their employer. In addition to your individual salary, you can also look forward to holiday pay and a Christmas bonus. And OTTO grants plenty of flexibility in terms of working hours that helps harmonise private and professional life. Of course, we should also mention that there is of course an employee discount for everyone when they buy OTTO products and services.

Through offering excellent employment conditions and company benefits, OTTO aims to create a working environment where people feel genuinely content, are highly motivated at work and can develop to the best of their potential.

Now how does that sound?!

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Our Philosophy 



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