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Business Intelligence


Business Intelligence is a key driver for the development of the data-driven company. How? We employ the latest BI technologies and make the customer journey and the key processes transparent through data science! Why? We gain insight from the data that help us use ever better strategies and processes for a successful digital future. 

We are unconventional strategists, hands-on product managers, resourceful developers and brilliant data scientists, realising new, data-driven solutions. From our Hamburg campus we put our energy into creating added value in Business Intelligence in the areas OTTO BI (otto.de) and Otto Group BI (synergies between Group companies).

OTTO-Specialties-Business Intelligence


We provide the intelligence for OTTO's digital future. 

In order to achieve our customer-focused ‘360° approach’ we implement exciting user cases with our OTTO BI team. Our core services are data, data science and reporting. We always keep the big picture in mind when developing the specific strategy and architecture of Business Intelligence at OTTO. 

We are professionals in content-related fundamental BI project management. By employing innovative methods and BI technologies we develop statistical algorithms that help us take automated business decisions and drive appropriate measures. Comprehensive analyses and customer testing generate valuable insights. We design professional BI products such as reporting and analysis tools, and develop prototypes to test hypotheses and quick-win solutions. The right data is the fuel for our company – and we provide it at the right quality!

As or colleague at OTTO BI you’ll work in interdisciplinary, non-hierarchical teams. You should be passionate about Business Intelligence and innovative technologies. Analytical thinking and a well-structured, goal-orientated working style are a must. If you’re also a cooperative team player with your own initiative and courage to embrace constant, rapid change, then you’re the perfect fit for us! 

We are an innovation lab and multiplier for Business Intelligence Best Practice within the Otto Group.

We develop data driven software-as-a-service solutions for more than 100 Group companies worldwide that inspire our end-customers and have a measurable impact on results. We use our company's huge data treasure-trove to develop modern machine-learning methods and forecasting models for innovative BI solutions. Our technology is leading edge and with our in-house developments we participate actively in the Open Source Community. We work with agile software development methods such as SCRUM, continually develop our solutions further and launch new projects on a regular basis to test innovative approaches. This can even result in entirely new business models that represent growth opportunities for the Otto Group!

As a member of the Otto Group BI team you’ll take on a high degree of responsibility. Cutting-edge IT technologies thrill you, and continuous learning in a highly interdisciplinary team of exceptionally talented people is a powerful motivator for you. You can expect a genuine start-up atmosphere, along with the benefits of a large corporation, an enormous and exciting database, attendance at international conference and meetings with the movers and shakers of the Big Data community!


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Product Manager Business Intelligence, Manuel
"Here at Otto Group BI it’s definitely not a disadvantage to have a certain affinity for e-commerce. I studied Business Information Science and have to say it’s a perfect fit!“

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