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Work Environment

OTTO is the German e-commerce pioneer – working here feels different. Surrounded by like-minded people and friends, you’ll be shaping the future of e-commerce. OTTO explicitly welcomes people who think differently, as innovation always results from new approaches, from yours, too. Join us and play an active role in the process. In the OTTO community all career opportunities are open to you!

Our culture











We’re based in the modern, metropolitan city of Hamburg.
We’re based in the modern, metropolitan city of Hamburg.
Living here between the Elbe and Alster rivers is simply beautiful!
We’re pioneers in technological development.
We’re pioneers in technological development.
We’ve developed one of the largest e-commerce platforms on our own! We’re constantly testing new ideas for online shopping worlds, monitoring market trends and working with agile methods.
We’re one big family.
We’re one big family.
OTTO is a family-run company and you can feel that. We work together with respect for one another, enjoy great creative latitude, have fun – and incredibly nice colleagues!
Getting the work-life balance right is important to us.
Getting the work-life balance right is important to us.
A fitness studio, yoga and triathlon training are just a few of the sports and activities our company makes available to help us keep everyday work in perspective and recharge our batteries.
We work in the growth market of e-commerce.
We work in the growth market of e-commerce.
OTTO is one of Germany’s most successful e-commerce companies, which makes it an employer offering great perspectives.


At OTTO, colleagues see and interact with each other as friends. At our company, this kind of coexistence is purely a matter of course. We are convinced that only in such an atmosphere can we create optimal communication, a totally natural openness and the courage to create new ideas. It’s good for the development of e-commerce at OTTO – and for each individual who contributes to it.



Our employees enjoy being at OTTO – perhaps because they needn’t be at OTTO all of the time, thanks to flexible working hours and home-office models, for instance. We design our work concepts as individually and as creatively as possible. Not because we believe that direct communication among people is losing meaning, but rather because we know that the lines between work and life are progressively vanishing. And we know that the best employees are those who are able to realise the working approach that suits them best.


Our Philosophy

We owe our success to our employees. OTTO provides them with appreciation, fairness and trust – the core values of our culture. 

From experience, we can say that these help create a healthy environment, one in which people enjoy working, try out new directions, have fun while doing so and feel connected above and beyond their work.


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