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Many questions, all the answers.

Some questions regarding applications keep popping up. In order to make it easier for you, we have collected and answered the most frequently asked questions here.

What should my application contain?

An informative cover letter, a curriculum vitae (CV), the two most recent school reports, certificates of internships and/or part-time jobs. Feel free to use our online form for your application. When you apply for an apprenticeship in media design or photography, please include samples of your work.

Is there an application deadline?

There is no specific closing date for applications. Yet it's good to know that we start with the selection process about 1.5 years before vocational training begins. From that time on we are filling new apprenticeship positions until they are all accounted for, at which point we publish a notice that there are no positions left open.

Can I complete a high school student internship beforehand?

Please do. Apply online or in writing – preferably about one year before the planned start of your internship, because the spots for high school student internships are highly sought-after. Your contact for the corporate headquarters in Hamburg is: Birgitt Christiansen, HR marketing, 22172 Hamburg.

At which locations do you offer vocational training positions?

Many of our group companies offer vocational training. Here you can find more information on the opportunities in the Hamburg corporate headquarters.

Do you offer vocational training positions in the call centres?

Yes, we do. Find out what they are in our Job exchange.

What are the chances for a permanent position?

In short: Very good. As a general rule we offer a permanent position to about 90% of our apprentices every year.

What travel costs does the Otto Group pay?

We reimburse the travel costs you incur in connection with the interview/selection process. We will provide all the necessary information with the invitation.

Are there any informational events for high school students?

Yes, there are. For the corporate headquarters in Hamburg please contact our ASIN team at asin@otto.de. ASIN is the German acronym for “Apprentices are looking for their successors”. For group companies please contact the respective HR department.

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