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With your application you’re laying the foundation for your future. Believe in yourself, and convince us of your qualities! No two people are alike, and at OTTO showing your individuality is not just something you ‘can’ do – it’s something you positively should do.

The only thing that isn’t individual is the selection process: it needs to be standardised purely so we can compare candidates. A pity really, you may think, so how can I get my personality across? Don’t worry: our motivation questions give you a first shot at this. And by the time we’re talking to each other face-to-face, you can let your personality flow and just be who you are when presenting yourself.

Tip: read Anna and Susanna’s blog for inspiration on your interview outfit: #twoforfashion

Application tips
Career tips

Are you interested in a job at OTTO, and would like to apply right away? Great! But first we have a few tips and tricks for you on how you can prepare your application effectively in order to convince us of yourself and your strengths. We look forward to hearing from you!

Application content
Application process
Online application
Career Tipps
Career Tipps


Application Letter? You don’t need one.

Instead, the choice is yours: simply answer our motivation questions in fewer than 500 characters. We don’t require any particular style or format – just be yourself when you write!

Motivation questions:

1. Why is it this job? 

2. Why is it you?

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Your C.V. should therefore be particularly revealing, genuine and structured.

If you still don’t have your pre- or post-graduation certificate, simply provide an overview of your grades.


Please only attach certificates/reports that are relevant to the job offer – up to 10 documents and no more than 20 MB in total.

Anything else?

Please send us only one copy of your application dossier. By clicking the heart icon, you can add multiple jobs to your favourites and so apply to all vacancies in one go.


Take time for your application – and research our homepage (FAQs) to avoid asking unnecessary questions!

We prefer online applications. (see FAQs).


You have already applied for a job at OTTO. What happens next? Your application will go through the following stages here:

If you would like to download a PDF of the application process, please click here.

We’re big fans of online applications and would like to ask that you use this method for your application. And don't worry – a recruiter will personally review each online application. There is no technological screening. We would like to get our own impression, as we include many different factors in our evaluation.

The advantage of an online application for you is that your processing time will be about 10 minutes. You can apply for several positions with one click; you can send your application conveniently at any time and from anywhere; interim saving and making changes BEFORE submitting are possible at any time – and you can highlight your individual profile by attaching files. Also important: data privacy is guaranteed by SSL encryption. 

Congratulations! We have invited you for an interview. This means you have made a big step towards your new job.

We will very probably ask you the following questions during the interview. It would be best if you started preparing for these now!

  • Which stages in your life have influenced your personal development especially?
  • Which events do you remember proudly, and what is it that you don’t want to experience again?
  • Are there values or life principles that are important to you?
  • In your experience, what is easy for you, and what tends to be more difficult for you?
  • Which five characteristics of yours are especially pronounced, and which ones are less pronounced?
  • What is a big achievement for you?
  • How did you learn to get along with other people?

You’re also welcome to think of questions you would like to ask us! After all, we also want to impress you.

Tip: on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram you can take a peek behind the scenes and get to know us better. This will provide you with more information about us and the Otto Group, and it will help you prepare in the best possible way.

Here is a map that will help you find our Group headquarters:


On Facebook,  InstagramTwitter, Youtube, and LinkedIn you can take a peek behind the scenes!

How is your start at OTTO progressing, and how do you actually find your dream job? Here are some first-hand comments.


Marco Hutzsch, Technical Designer, E-Commerce – Technology & Solutions

"Why is my job at OTTO my dream job? We have turned a bunch of servers, techies and product managers into one of Germany's largest and most successful e-commerce platform. That fills me with pride!"


Stephan Seils, Senior Business Development Analyst – E-Commerce Business Development & Innovation

"My tip is, believe in yourself and in being able to reinvent yourself over and again. Be open to new stimuli, be a free-thinker, experiment with possibilities, get others excited about your ideas and love and live change. Mistakes are good if you are strong enough to accept them as such, and learn from them. And that is exactly what e-commerce at OTTO is about: daring to do new things together, learning, getting better – and having fun in the process! :-)"


Conny Dethloff, Department Manager, OTTO Business Intelligence – Project and Data Management

"My personal motivation lies in the challenge of designing OTTO's business even better, and doing it based on existing data that is currently not yet being used. We’d like to finally remove the mysticism around the buzzword ‘Big Data’ – not just talk about it, but actually do it."


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