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What motivates us


Our customers are always the main focus of all our actions. Priority is given to their needs.

We are aware of our customers’ requirements, we arrange our offer and our services according to their needs, we incorporate customer feedback into our optimisation processes and seek exchanging information with you.

In order to make the shopping experience as pleasant as possible, we rely on technologies such as CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) and augmented reality for instance and provide a digital image search in the shop. However, such a customer-focused attitude involves a learning curve. How is the OTTO customer anyway; what do you want and how do you sound? In order to be able to answer these questions right at the beginning of your time spent at OTTO, all new employees partake in a programme called “Love Your Customer” in the course of the first few days on the new job. Therefore, all colleagues work in OTTO Customer Centre for two days, talk and chat with customers. Focus during the entire programme is placed on customer orientation. Why OTTO does that? Because the customers’ recommendation safeguards the future.