OTTO – Germany’s biggest online re-tailer on track to becoming a platform

The good old catalogue? Sure, everyone remembers it. Fast-forward to today and OTTO is one of Europe’s most successful e-commerce companies and Germany’s biggest online retailer for Furniture and Home Furnishing products. Now we’re on track to becoming a platform.

The Internet is our world. OTTO generates well over 90 percent of its combined revenue online. 2.8 million article positions and 6,800 brands from the assortment areas of Fashion, Living, and Multimedia make OTTO the go-to provider for (almost!) any wish. In the past financial year 6.6 million customers ordered online from OTTO. At peak periods receives up to ten new orders a second.

Did you know that every second washing machine purchased on the Web and every third TV is provided by OTTO? With an assortment of over 100,000 articles and revenues of over 950 million euros in the 2017/18 financial year, OTTO is far and away the German online market leader in the assortment areas of Furniture and Home Furnishing.

Taking it easy isn’t in our DNA. We believe in constant progress and are continuing to develop our business model into a platform. In future we’ll be opening up OTTO’s online shop, technology and customer access much more to our business partners – very probably the most fundamental change at OTTO since taking our first steps in e-commerce in 1995.

Each and every day we work with courage, passion and openness to change on technological innovations to benefit our customers and to make shopping at an even more positive experience for them.



Our customers now mainly come to OTTO as e-shoppers, but many still like to peruse the catalogue for inspiration – that’s what we call multi-channel. To best serve our customers, we cultivate a close dialogue with them. We listen, learn and ask about their current and future needs. This knowledge influences new product ranges, styles and services.


OTTO is managed by a dedicated management board with a great deal of experience. And which feels it is important that the company, its employees and customers learn from each other. With each and every order.


OTTO is bound to a consistent sustainability policy, as are all other Otto Group companies. Sustainable products, energy-saving technologies and social responsibility are a matter of course rather than mandatory.

Key Indicators

OTTO in a nutshell – all the key facts and figures about our company are listed here.


When we win a prize we are delighted - and take a moment to enjoy it. Then, we return to developing fresh ideas for our customers with renewed vigour. So, that we can keep getting better and better.


In 1949 Werner Otto founds ‘Werner Otto Versandhandel’, and registers it at the Hamburg State Ministry of Economy and Transport on 17 August. The first OTTO catalogue is produced, with black and white pictures glued in. The range consists of 28 pairs of shoes. The story of one of the most successful groups of companies in the world has begun.
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About the bevh