30. April 2018 | Hamburg

OTTO makes World Champions – World Cup campaign goes live

Where do the World Champions of the future discover their passion for soccer? In front of a TV purchased at OTTO, of course! In its new World Cup advertising campaign the online retailer shows how the right smart TV guarantees World Cup fever and inspires budding soccer idols.

“Right, where are we off to today?” The OTTO delivery man starts by taking a look at the delivery slip and ends up taking a spectacular journey through time: in 1954 a Bavarian family orders its new TV from OTTO and soccer-crazy son Franz is already waiting on tenterhooks for the set to arrive – he doesn’t want to miss a minute of Germany’s decisive match. In 1974 and 1990 two families in Stuttgart and Cologne find themselves in a similar situation, with their respective sons Jürgen and Lukas waiting for their World Cup ‘home stadium’. Might the new TV from OTTO have inspired whole generations to heroic deeds on the soccer pitch? Could OTTO even have contributed to famous footballing wisdom and legendary quotes? The online retailer’s new World Cup campaign makes a perfect pass to precisely this narrative.

“Our goal? We want to spark the next generation of World Champions’ enthusiasm for online shopping at OTTO!”, says Carolin von Karstedt, Head of Digital Media & Advertising, Online Marketing OTTO. “Good online marketing tells stories and needs to entertain the user. With this campaign we show how we get our partners’ products to our customers through storytelling, display advertising and social media.”

This pure online campaign was created in collaboration with Jung von Matt / SAGA and features a smart TV by the OTTO partner Samsung. In additional ‘flights’ before the World Cup further online clips will also showcase Sony loudspeakers, an HP Pavilion laptop, and a Samsung smartphone.

The chances of future soccer World Champions following the World Cup on a TV supplied by OTTO are at least reasonable. After all, the Multimedia assortment at otto.de – and here, especially smart TVs – is hugely successful, also outside the World Cup period. Every third TV ordered online in Germany is now supplied by OTTO. When ordering large TV screens, customers simply book a Scheduled Delivery or use the cost-free Connection Service – and only have to provide the snacks, fan kit and the right World Cup atmosphere themselves!

The key facts on the World Cup campaign at a glance:

  • Formats: four TV ads (each of different lengths); further content formats for social media & display advertising, as well as programmatic digital out-of-home
  • Campaign period: 30 April to 09 June 2018
  • Conception: Jung von Matt / SAGA
  • Production: Markenfilm GmbH & Co. KG
  • Director: Oskar Bård (Director)
OTTO WM-Kampagne
OTTO´s World Cup Campaign
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Carolin von Karstedt
Carolin von Karstedt
Department Manager Online Marketing in charge of Display Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media and New Channel Marketing
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