16. November 2017 | Hamburg

New OTTO Campaign: ‘Gemeinsam wird’s Weihnachten’

17 November marks the launch of a three-minute online film that focuses on people coming closer and being together, to get viewers in the Christmas spirit. The full-length story can be vIewed on the otto.de/gemeinsam microsite.

OTTO Weihnachtskampagne 2017

Wrapping up gifts, the smell of freshly-baked biscuits, and decorating the Christmas tree together
are just a few of the special moments in the run-up to Christmas. But the most precious
time at Christmas is when people come together, irrespective of where or in which situation
they find themselves – and the OTTO Christmas film takes this fundamental theme further.


High in the Bolivian Andes, a bus journey comes to an abrupt halt as a landslide blocks the
road ahead. There is no help in sight, and it begins to dawn on the passengers that this year
they won’t be spending Christmas at home with their loved ones but with complete strangers.
This marks an emotional turning-point in the film and emphasises what Christmas is really all
about. Inspired by a little girl who begins singing ‘Feliz Navidad’ (‘Merry Christmas’), the passengers
come closer to one another: they light candles, share their food and experience the
unique spirit of Christmas – ‘Christmas is togetherness’.


“Young and old, friends and strangers – Christmas brings us all closer together. With our campaign
we want to show that the heart of the Christmas spirit is about coming together, being
together and standing up for each other. We want our film to remind people of these values,
which are more important today than ever before, and with this to help get them in the Christmas
spirit”, explains Marc Opelt, Member of the OTTO Management Board for Marketing, and OTTO Spokesman.


The online film can be viewed at otto.de/gemeinsam. A 30-second TV ad is set to run from 21
November on all high-reach private TV channels in Germany, with the aim of arousing viewers’
curiosity about the complete online film. The film will also be advertised via a range of digital
measures, which especially include the social networks. The online retailer OTTO has designed
a highly varied package of measures to flank the film on the campaign microsite: for
instance, the Cristmas song ‘Feliz Navidad’ (‘Happy Christmas’) re-recorded by MOKOH Music
for this campaign can be downloaded here free of charge. A particular highlight is that there
are 50,000 postcards showing stills from the film available for users to send cost-free to friends
and relatives via the microsite. Linking in with the film’s story, the microsite also offers insights
into Bolivian Christmas traditions.


All the facts on the Christmas film at a glance:

  • Online film (3’10”)
  • TV ad (30”)
  • Campaign period: 17 November – 25 December 2017
  • Concept: HEIMAT, Berlin
  • Production: BIGFISH, Berlin & RSA Films, London
  • Directed by: Danile Mulloy, one of the world’s most in-demand short-film directors
  • Postproduction: The Mill, London
  • Set photographer: Francisco Odriozola
  • Sound design: Studio Funk Berlin
  • Music: ‘Feliz Navidad’ (1979, by José Feliciano), re-recorded for the OTTO Christmas
    campaign by MOKOH Music, Berlin
Postkartenmotiv 01 OTTO Weihnachtskampagne 2017
Postcard 01 OTTO Christmas campaign 2017
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Postkartenmotiv 03 OTTO Weihnachtskampagne 2017
Postcard 03 OTTO Christmas campaign 2017
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Postkartenmotiv 02 OTTO Weihnachtskampagne 2017
Postcard 02 OTTO Christmas campaign 2017
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Postkartenmotiv 04 OTTO Weihnachtskampagne 2017
Postcard 04 OTTO Christmas campaign 2017
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Marc Opelt
Marc Opelt
Chairman Management Board, Board Member for Marketing and Spokesman OTTO (Foto: © Andra Müller-Schulz)
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