A vision for success: with confidence into the future

OTTO set off on the journey into the digital age as far back as 1995 to become one of the pioneers of e-commerce. This has been an endless journey full of adventure, as digitalisation and technological advance are constantly accelerating. To make the most of the opportunities this offers, the company has not only developed a clear strategy but has also developed a guiding vision to hold it all together. 4,350 employees set off on the search for a shared OTTO vision – and found it.


We shape the digital future.

We are OTTO. The best and most personal supplier in digital retail. We live to be close to our customers.

We understand our customers' needs. For us, they are both a compass and an incentive at the same time. Within this we also believe in the power of human values – in e-commerce too. We stand for trust, honesty and closeness. And that makes OTTO the most personal supplier.

We love innovative technology.

We use technology to be close to our customers, to understand their wishes and fulfil them as best we can – no matter where they are. Technology helps us to constantly generate new interest with relevant offers and services. To do this, we rely on excellent product worlds, experience-orientated staging, authentic dialogue and personal advice. Our solutions are just like us: intuitive and forward-looking.

We are passionate.

We are competent, happy to change and entrepreneurially successful. This aspiration is carried by the personal commitment of each and every one of us. It is how we give digital retail a face, a voice and a name: OTTO.


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