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  • 11.11.2015 

    ‘Christmas is in you’ – festive services

    For many consumers, the joys of the Christmas season are spoiled by the thought of having to fight their way through overcrowded shops in the city centre to hunt down presents for family and friends. Happily, anyone who prefers to browse Christmas markets in comfort rather than stand in endless queues at the till can fulfil this wish quickly and easily on! In good time for the start of the advent season, the online retailer delights consumers with an emotionally charged online film. In a charming way, OTTO shows how wonderful it can be to fulfil wishes.

  • 10.11.2015 

    We are shaping the digital future – the transformation at OTTO

    September 1995. A crackling, squeaking sound can be heard. For almost 20 seconds, it makes a distinctive buzzing and beeping noise. The screeching coming from the modem is the soundtrack to how the Internet sounded in the early days. In low resolution and in red on a grey background, the OTTO logo slowly emerges on the screen. The site, which forms slowly on the screen, is one of the first German shopping platforms on the Internet. For OTTO it is a huge step forward on the journey toward the digital future. Two decades later and is the largest German online shop for fashion and lifestyle (B2C). It accounts for over 85 per cent of the company’s overall revenues. This makes OTTO the only ‘big book’ mail-order company to have successfully made the leap into the digital age. But how is OTTO coping with the challenges of this transformation? What is the online retailer’s formula for success? And how are the company and its employees adjusting to the constant change process?

  • 19.08.2015 

    Content Marketing and Corporate Blogs

    For OTTO, Content Marketing means creating content that is interesting and easily accessible for clearly defined target groups. Five blogs constitute an important part of the OTTO marketing toolset. Unlike standard corporate blogs, the OTTO lifestyle blogs are not primarily about the company itself; instead, they focus clearly on different topics from the areas of fashion, sustainability and lifestyle – addressing all the needs and interests of each of their target groups in the process.

  • 16.06.2015 
    A vision for success: with confidence into the future

    A vision for success: with confidence into the future

    OTTO set off on the journey into the digital age as far back as 1995 to become one of the pioneers of e-commerce. This has been an endless journey full of adventure, as digitalisation and technological advance are constantly accelerating. To make the most of the opportunities this offers, the company has not only developed a clear strategy but has also developed a guiding vision to hold it all together. 4,350 employees set off on the search for a shared OTTO vision – and found it.

  • 25.03.2015 

    Update: OTTO-Lifestyle Study 2015

    Who calls the shots when buying furniture? How important are price, function and looks to the Germans? What role do over-the-counter retailers and online shops play when it comes to furniture? And how do preferences differ across age groups?

  • 30.06.2014 

    Everywhere Commerce

    More and more today, e-commerce is becoming ‘everywhere commerce’. With all the new portable terminals such as smartphones and tablets, customers no longer only shop from their desks at home: they shop whenever and wherever they feel like it. To find out why customers not only shop anywhere and at any time online, but also behave differently in the process, and what the consequences are for online retailers, read our basic information on everywhere commerce.

  • 13.06.2014 

    How OTTO handles returns

    Touch, evaluate, try out: when they purchase, customers want to be absolutely sure about their decision – something that applies just as much to over-the-counter stores as it does to online shops. This is why OTTO employs innovative approaches to address as many key questions as possible before the customer actually makes a purchase.

  • 04.12.2013 

    Customer journey: customers on their way to OTTO

    Via which channels does OTTO inspire its customers? How is it possible to make OTTO’s fashion-conscious target group aware of certain articles? Where do customers look for information before they decide to buy a product? Read more about the customer journey to OTTO in the dossier.

  • 25.09.2013 

    Dream job – as a model for OTTO

    Anyone who wants to become a model for OTTO should be represented by a professional agency.

  • 12.08.2013 

    A culture of dialogue at OTTO

    Customers and employees are equally important when it comes to delivering great customer service. This is why OTTO is building on its close dialogue with customers – around the clock and across all channels.


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