Internet Pioneer

Information technology is developing very rapidly. That is why OTTO is constantly testing new ideas for digital shopping worlds.

OTTO strives to offer the best possible shopping experience anytime, anywhere. That is why we experiment with new technologies and then sort the wheat from the chaff.

OTTO recognised online retail as an opportunity early on. As long ago as 1995, we were one of the first German mail-order companies with a select range available on the internet at By 1997, the entire catalogue range was online; it now comprises 2.1 million items. More than 15 years experience and a deep understanding of our customers’ needs are now paying off. As the largest German online retailer of fashion and lifestyle items, we generate about 80 percent of our total revenues online. 

Customers love the freedom of online shopping because it is so wonderfully convenient to order online 24/7. is TÜV-certified, including and in particular for consultation by e-mail. We come ‘highly recommended’. And because at OTTO we think ahead, we never stop working to improve our service. We want to give our customers superior navigation, search features, and the best product information. Though, we may never reach the ideal state due to rapid technological progress, we can always become better. We’re not content to follow trends; we want to set them. This challenge keeps us on our toes each day.



No invitations, no set agenda, no assigned seating. Instead: Loads of creativity, spontaneity and dialogue. OTTO first opened its doors to Barcamp Hamburg back in 2008.

Test & Learn

The latest devices and technologies deliver a constant stream of new ideas for attractively linking catalogues and online stores. As a first mover, OTTO tests them for convenience, value – and their fun factor for our internet-savvy customers.


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