Anytime, Anywhere

Hassle-free shopping: customers can click, type or swipe their way through – whenever, wherever, whatever.

Cable and PCs are so yesterday. Today, people use smartphones and web tablets to surf the internet. Online shopping is no longer confined to desktop computers, but can be conveniently pursued from the living room couch, in cafés or while strolling in the park. This frees the customer from the constraints of time and space. And that is why at OTTO we keep developing new shopping formats and adding them to our network. This lets customers navigate, pick and choose, and order from our digital range on all relevant devices. Year after year, we receive confirmation that customers love our idea of  ‘Everywhere Commerce’: as Website of the Year 2011, received the most and highest user ratings in the ‘Shopping’ category. Internet users also bestowed the 2011 OnlineStar, the Oscar of the online industry, on us in the Fashion and Lifestyle category – for the sixth consecutive year.


Mobile Commerce

Smartphones make life easier – and shopping, too. People on the go can access OTTO’s mobile shop directly by entering in their browser. Here, customers can not only access OTTO’s entire range, but also use all services.

OTTO on Web Tablets

Select, scroll, zoom and order directly: In 2010, just in time for the launch of the iPad in Germany, OTTO presented a special version of the ‘Home Affaire’ catalogue - the first catalogue for web tablets.