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INGENUITY Babyschaukel »tragbare Schaukel AnyWay Sway PowerAdapt«

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The Ingenuity™ AnyWay Sway™ Portable Swing gives your little one a cozy place to sit, snuggle, and sway – and gives your arms a much-deserved break! This fully-loaded portable baby swing rotates 180° & swings in 3 directions, keeping baby soothed and in sight at all times. Designed to adapt to the ever-changing lifestyle of new parents, the AnyWay Sway™ offers two mode settings: calming swing or vibrating seat, and features a pivoting toy bar that can capture baby's attention and keep them entertained. Because babies come in all shapes and sizes, a removable headrest cradles small babies and newborns until they no longer need the extra support. The quiet swing motor helps baby stay rested and undisturbed, while the GentleTouch™ pad allows you to play 16 different melodies, 2 nature sounds, or white noise at your choice of volume. You can plug in the AnyWay Sway™ using the battery-saving electric USB PowerAdapt™ cord – and its compact, foldable design makes the swing easily portable and simple to store. Use from birth to 9 months. 35% Plastik, 53% Stahl, 10% Polyester, 2% Electronic 69.34 cm x 66.55 cm x 86.87 cm


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