Gebundenes Buch »The Monocle Guide to Hotels, Inns and Hideaways«
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Gebundenes Buch »The Monocle Guide to Hotels, Inns and Hideaways«

  • Monocle; Tyler Brûlé; Andrew Tuck
  • Gebundenes Buch
  • Erscheinungsjahr: 2018
  • Verlag: Die Gestalten Verlag
  • Verlag: Die Gestalten Verlag

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Monocle; Tyler Brûlé; Andrew Tuck, Die Gestalten Verlag, 2018, Buch, ISBN 3899559525, EAN 9783899559521
2018. 3..., Englisch
A manual for everyone from holidaymakers to hoteliers. We sidestep the humdrum haunts in favour of stays with substance.
Gebundenes Buch
Monocle's latest book will tell you where to find a top hotel-and also how to design or run your own. Both inspirational and packed with insight, it will be a must-have guide for the globally minded. Over the past decade, Monocle editors have been writing about-and staying in-plenty of hotels. They've put to the test everything from cosy inns in the backstreets of Beirut to cutting-edge offerings from international brands in New York, Tokyo and beyond. At the heart of everything has been one guiding principle: to find stop-ins that get the simple things right and understand the value of thoughtful hospitality. In this brand-new book, Monocle reveals not only its 100 favourite hotels but also how you could start number 101 on its list with a wealth of advice and insight into what owning and running a perfect establishment involves. From stunning photography and illustration to snappy essays and sharp observations, The MONOCLE Guide to Hotels, Inns and Hideaways delivers a complete review of everything from escapists' boltholes to third spaces for entrepreneurs.


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