Excellent Engineering

Excellent Engineering
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These excellent experiments will have kids making a bottle submarine, crafting a smartphone boombox and more!Learn to make a bottle submarine, a smartphone boombox, a weather vane and more with this brilliant book of simple projects to do at home using everyday materials! Illustrated throughout and with step-by-step instructions, this book makes science fun and is a must for young engineers!IntroKey equipmentPaper PillarsNewton's CradleThe Simple CircuitCrafty CatapultTower of TrianglesHi-tech HandThe Paper LoudspeakerGeodesic DomeJumping MarblesHome-made NightlightEngineer's ArmThe Bouncing BridgeWeather VaneMagnetic SpinnerDouble Cup FlyerMarble Roller CoasterClothesline FlyerElectric SpinnerPaper PopperRobot ArtistThe Bottle RocketThe Marble MazeSupersonic StrawThe Dancing RobotThe Bottle SubmarineThe Hanging ArchElastic Band BoatThe Electric LightshowBalloon RacerThe Trembling TowerThe Bottle BlasterThe Big DipperThe Wave MachineSmartphone BoomboxThe Simple MachinesGlossaryIndexBeattie, RobRob Beattie is a professional writer and life-long camper and angler. He has written numerous titles on a wide range of outdoor activities, including: The Pocket Survival Guide, The Campsite Companion: All You Need to Know for Life in the Great Outdoors, The Boating Companion: All You Need to Know for Life on the Open Water, and The Fishing Handbook (published in the UK as 101 Golden Rules of Fishing). All have been published internationally and translated into several languages. He lives in the seaside city of Brighton, England.Peet, SamSam Peet is an illustrator who works on a wide range of projects, from editorial illustration to large scale murals. www.sampeet.com


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