z DVD »Der Prinz von Bel Air - Staffel 3 DVD-Box«

DVD »Der Prinz von Bel Air - Staffel 3 DVD-Box«

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DVD »Der Prinz von Bel Air - Staffel 3 DVD-Box«

Artikel-Nr. B541Q7P

  • TV-Serien & Dokumentation
  • FSK: 6
  • Erscheinungsjahr: 2013
  • Sprachen: Deutsch
  • Andy Borowitz; Susan Borowitz; Benny Medina;...
Andy Borowitz; Susan Borowitz; Benny Medina; Jeff Pollack; Lisa Rosenthal; Samm-Art Williams; Cheryl Gard; Eddie Gorodetsky; Maiya Williams; David Zuckerman; Bennie R. Richburg Jr.; Shannon Gaughan; Winifred Hervey; Bryan Winter; Leslie Ray; David Steven Simon, Warner Bros. Entertainment, 2013, Film, EAN 5051890203670
FSK: 6, Deutsch
There's a lot hip-hoppenin' in the Fresh Prince's third season showcased in this fabulous 4-Disc Set: Philip runs for Superior Court judge (and runs into plenty of comic complications). Vivian develops a taste for sardines and Rocky Road (guess who's pregnant). Hilary lands a gig as a TV weather reporter (although she probably thinks an occluded front is a new kind of bustier). But the biggest story is that Will is ready to graduate. He's checking colleges (including sororities from alpha to gamma to bad-mama jamma). And choking when his mom wants him to come back to Philly ? because this homeboy realizes that home now means the fly flair of Bel-Air!


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