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DVD »All I Ask - The Story Of Adele«

DVD »All I Ask - The Story Of Adele«

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DVD »All I Ask - The Story Of Adele«

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  • Filme auf DVD
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  • Erscheinungsjahr: 2016
  • Sprachen: Deutsch
Laser Media, 2016, Film, EAN 9009121204220
-, FSK: 0, Deutsch
She was signed in 2006, released her debut album in 2008, the follow up in 2011, and the rest, 'as they say, is history. But Adele Adkins' history is one that deserves investigation, analysis, documentation and review. This film discovers who Adele really is and with the aid of rare archive interviews during which she speaks candidly and honestly about her life and career, contributions from those who know or have worked with her and the finest music writers and industry insiders, plus backstage footage, rare archive and seldom seen photographs, reveals just what it is that has transformed this seemingly unremarkable girl from Croydon into the most successful musical icon of the third millennium. Tracklisting: 01 The Story Of Adele 02 Behind The Scene 03 Fan Edition 04 The Rare Interviews 05 Biography / Photo Gallery


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