Broschiertes Buch »Understanding Phonology«
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Broschiertes Buch »Understanding Phonology«

  • Carlos Gussenhoven; Haike Jacobs
  • Geisteswissenschaften
  • Broschiertes Buch
  • Erscheinungsjahr: 2017
  • Verlag: Taylor & Francis

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Carlos Gussenhoven; Haike Jacobs, Taylor & Francis, 2017, Buch, ISBN 1138961426, EAN 9781138961425
4th ed...., Englisch
Broschiertes Buch
Understanding Phonology, 4th Edition provides a clear, accessible and broad introduction to Phonology. Introducing basic concepts, it illustrates key points from a wide variety of languages and provides a comprehensive account of phonological issues such as: segmental contrasts; syllables & moras; tone, quality, & intonation; feature geometry; word stress systems; and prosodic structure.


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