Broschiertes Buch »Sunday Morning Coming Down«
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Broschiertes Buch »Sunday Morning Coming Down«

  • Nicci French
  • Broschiertes Buch
  • Erscheinungsjahr: 2017
  • Verlag: Penguin Uk; Michael Joseph

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Broschiertes Buch »Sunday Morning Coming Down«

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Nicci French, Penguin Uk; Michael Joseph, 2017, Buch, ISBN 0718179676, EAN 9780718179670
2017. 4..., Englisch
A Frieda Klein Novel 07
Broschiertes Buch
'Nicci French's sophisticated, compassionate and gripping crime novels stand head and shoulders above the competition' Sophie Hannah It's always darkest before the light comes. In the chilling seventh instalment of the bestselling, critically acclaimed Frieda Klein series, evil looms but this time it's far too close to home . . . 'There's a body in Saffron Mews . . .' Psychotherapist Frieda Klein's home is her refuge until she returns to find it has become a disturbingly bloody crime scene. Beneath the floorboards the police have found the body of a man she had hired to help protect her. The killer's message is all too clear: you're mine. When those closest to Frieda begin to be targeted, the picture becomes more skewed: the patterns unclear. Unless Frieda can find and stop whoever is threatening her friends and family, her love and loyalty could come at a truly fatal cost . . .
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