Broschiertes Buch »Season of Storms«
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Broschiertes Buch »Season of Storms«

  • Andrzej Sapkowski
  • Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror
  • Broschiertes Buch
  • Erscheinungsjahr: 2018
  • Verlag: Orion Publishing Group; Gollancz

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Broschiertes Buch »Season of Storms«

Artikel-Nr. D5V864P
Andrzej Sapkowski, Orion Publishing Group; Gollancz, 2018, Buch, ISBN 1473218071, EAN 9781473218079
2018. 3..., Englisch
Broschiertes Buch
Geralt. The witcher whose mission is to protect ordinary people from the monsters created with magic. A mutant who has the task of killing unnatural beings. He uses a magical sign, potions and the pride of every witcher - two swords, steel and silver. But what would happen if Geralt lost his weapons? Andrzej Sapkowski returns to his most popular hero in a stand-alone novel where Geralt fights, travels and loves again, Dandelion sings and flies from trouble to trouble, sorcerers are scheming ... and across the whole world clouds are gathering - the season of storms is coming...
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