Broschiertes Buch »Red Queen 2-Book Box Set«
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Broschiertes Buch »Red Queen 2-Book Box Set«

  • Victoria Aveyard
  • Broschiertes Buch
  • Erscheinungsjahr: 2016
  • Verlag: Harpercollins Us

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Victoria Aveyard, Harpercollins Us, 2016, Buch, ISBN 0062641484, EAN 9780062641489
2016. 8..., Englisch
Red Queen / Glass Sword
Broschiertes Buch
Power is a dangerous game. This beautiful paperback box set includes the first two books in Victoria Aveyard's #1 New York Times bestselling Red Queen series, Red Queen and Glass Sword. Mare Barrow, a lowly Red in a world of red-blooded laborers and silver-blooded elites, thought she knew what her future held. But when she learns that her red blood has been disguising a secret ability, one usually reserved only for Silvers, her life is turned upside down. How will the Silver ruling class keep her secret hidden from the increasingly restless Red population and their Scarlet Guard revolutionaries? And how will Mare use her sudden power to change the caste system, the kingdom, and the world-forever? Corrupt courts, unnatural abilities, and forbidden romance spark a revolution in the first two electrifying installments of Victoria Aveyard's blockbuster Red Queen series.


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