Broschiertes Buch »Love You Dead«
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Broschiertes Buch »Love You Dead«

Broschiertes Buch »Love You Dead«

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Broschiertes Buch »Love You Dead«

Artikel-Nr. C28993P

  • Peter James
  • Broschiertes Buch
  • Erscheinungsjahr: 2016
  • Verlag: Macmillan Publishers International
Peter James, Macmillan Publishers International, 2016, Buch, ISBN 1509820388, EAN 9781509820382
2016. 4..., Englisch
A Roy Grace Novel
Broschiertes Buch
The next Roy Grace novel from bestseller Peter James. Graces previous case is still giving him sleepless nights, there have been major developments with his missing wife Sandy, and an old adversary is back. But he also now believes a Black Widow is operating in his city and he comes to the frightening realisation that he may have underestimated just how dangerous this lady is


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