Rent furniture with OTTO NOW
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Rent furniture with OTTO NOW

12/10/2018 By Anne Remy Reading time: 2 Minutes
For a long time it hasn’t been necessary for us to own many of the things that we would like to use. The sharing economy has reached our daily lives. Whether its cars, books, television or now even furniture.

Right on time for OTTO NOW’s second birthday, the Hamburg start-up is expanding its range. From now on customers can visit to rent not only technology, household and sports equipment, but also furniture - for example chairs, wardrobes and beds in the Scandinavian, industrial and vintage styles for 6, 12 or 24 months. Four questions to David Rahnaward, the co-founder of OTTO NOW.

Why is OTTO NOW expanding its range with furniture of all things?

As a start-up, OTTO NOW is funded by offering different ranges to rent and at the same time has a little freedom to try things out. In the last few months our customers have continuously expressed a desire to rent furniture too. And because OTTO is the market leader in German online furniture retail and OTTO NOW is also further developing through customer feedback, we have decided to add furniture to our range from now on.

OTTO NOW is starting by offering 30 different items of furniture - will the range be expanded further in future?

We will obviously look closely at how the range is received on the market and react to that. To that effect it is always an option for us to expand our range - including with regard to furniture.

The most popular rental products from OTTO NOW in 2018.

Have you ever rented an item of furniture yourself?

The great thing is that I have just moved and now have more space. The furniture from my old apartment doesn’t go perfectly with the look of my new home. So I have simply tested it out for myself and rented a lovely chest of drawers for the hallway. Until I have an idea of how I want to settle in long term.

Does leasing furniture not contradict OTTO’s goal to sell more furniture in future?

No, it’s actually the other way around. OTTO NOW extends the range and increases the options that OTTO offers its customers, even addressing a completely different target audience: people who only need furniture temporarily because they are renting their apartments temporarily or want to try out a new style of furnishing before they buy, for example. For them it is clear, it’s not worth buying. And that’s where we come in.

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