E-scooters, but different: OTTO NOW launches nationwide rental service
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E-scooters, but different: OTTO NOW launches nationwide rental service

The Hamburg-based start-up will soon be offering e-scooters for rent - thereby creating an alternative to the previous e-scooter rental service.

7/16/2019 Reading time: 2 Minutes
Covering short and long distances in the fresh air, scooting through the city at up to 20 kilometres per hour, parking the scooter wherever it is convenient - e-scooters are without question the mobility trend of the year. However, this trend does not only bring advantages. The complaints about blocked roads, defective equipment, and risky driving are getting increasingly louder.

This is exactly where the OTTO NOW sharing provider team comes in, consciously offering an alternative to conventional providers with its new mobility concept. Five facts that make many things different and even more convenient:

  • Anywhere instead of fenced in: the personal OTTO-NOW scooter can be used throughout Germany, regardless of city or zone.
  • Scooters instead of tripping hazards: the e-scooters aren't lying around on public paths - after all, they belong to the user for at least one month and are then simply sent back to OTTO NOW.
  • Get going without a visit to the authorities: e-scooters require approval from the Federal Motor Transport Authority, and OTTO NOW only rents out E-scooters that have already received this approval and are therefore immediately ready to drive. Insurance included.
  • Repair service instead of defective scooters: OTTO NOW takes care of the maintenance of the e-scooter and it can also be assumed that scooters in one's own possession will be used more cautiously and with more care by their renters.

  • Fixed price instead of costs per minute: Anyone who rents an e-scooter from OTTO NOW will pay a fixed monthly price - the fun starts with 39 euros including insurance.

The first fleet of e-scooters from OTTO NOW is expected to hit the market at the end of August. Those interested can, however, register today so that they will be notified as soon as the e-scooters are ready for order. The e-scooters are among the best on the market - they have ten inch tires, a range of up to 40 kilometres, and charge in a maximum of six hours. They will be available to rent for an introductory price of 39 Euro per month including insurance.

Sören Nilsson With our new mobility concept we would like to offer an alternative to the previous e-scooter rental service. This means that e-scooters are not only simple, but can also be used anywhere and at any time.

Sören Nilsson, co-founder of OTTO NOW

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