About us

The OTTO Newsroom? “Probably another company website, with press releases, PR messages and promotion stuff…”

This is probably what people think at first, isn’t it? In fact, our Newsroom isn’t a press webpage. While this magazine is published by OTTO, it isn’t a magazine about OTTO – it’s much more a platform for stories about the digitalisation process.

We want to take a look behind the scenes of digital business – pull back the curtain where other digital companies shutter themselves away in their digital ivory towers. After all, we’re working on the future of digital business day in, day out.

And here we not only discuss tech topics – digitalisation is not only about Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality, smartspeakers and chatbots, it’s much more about the cultural issues that companies undergoing digital transformation have to face. How do we want to work in future? How do we want to collaborate? And what advantage does increased digitalisation offer the customer in the end? These are the questions we’re asking ourselves – and are answering them in the Newsroom with genuine stories from OTTO and other companies, from guest bloggers, and from our own Editorial Team.